None Shall Provide

by Hang Your Cross

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released May 19, 2017

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Greg Thomas at Silver Bullet Studios.

Assistant engineer Chris Teti.

Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.



all rights reserved


Hang Your Cross New Haven, Connecticut

With the idea of merging hardcore with Swedish-style metal and progressive technical rock, Hang Your Cross crafted the concept album "None Shall Provide". Hang Your Cross focuses on themes of dystopian society, scorched earth, and the occult, connecting these through the storyline of the decline of life.

Featuring members of With Honor / Ambitions / Lift, Brass Caskets / Crowns of Kings.
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Track Name: Reckoning

Becoming numb from my restlessness.
Lifeless routines draining us.
We resent, we disconnect.
We escape.

The brooding fear building again.
Something is pulling, yet we pretend.
We're all safe, we're okay.
But we know... We're all doomed.

It begins.

I am the half-asleep, drifting through life.
Victim of the mundane, monotony.
The choices I make, are they my own?
Have I been programmed, to roam a ghost?
I wait for the pendulum to slip.
I can feel our end, tightening its grip.

Oh god have I asked for this?
This is our fall.
We burn.
Track Name: House of God
House of Göd

Bring you to your knees, diminishing.
Your crutch is your belief.
Negligence, leads you to confess.
You'll find no relief, in his house.

No martyr, no sinner, unforgiven.
Your life is, immoral, you beg him,
For safety, for guidance, pathetic.

I'm not afraid of dying.
I'm afraid of a life worth forgetting.
You cant buy your way in.
You deserve what you're getting.

You're praying to nothing.
There's no one at all.
You'll find no relief.
In his house.
Track Name: On Barren Grounds
On Barren Grounds

Scorch the earth.
Bleed her dry.
Sulfurous ash.
Leading to our decay.
Poisoning what we breathe.

This world's flawed design
I cant make amends.
I'm biding my time.
Until it all ends.

None shall provide.
They taketh away.
Among the rotting,
Starving and dead.
Searching for something
Worth staying alive.

This world's flawed design
I cant make amends.
I'm biding my time.
Until it all ends.

Undone and wearing thin.
The sun...unrelenting, unrepentant.
Undone and wearing thin.
The sun...unforgiving, damnation.

and we sit idly by, as we watch it burn.

Undone and wearing thin.
The sun...unrelenting, unrepentant.
Undone and wearing thin.
The sun...unforgiving, damnation.
Track Name: Setting Sun
Setting Sun

I watched your whole world crumble away, and you grinned without any care.
Helpless I fell behind. You welcomed the void, knowing everything's destroyed.

How cold the life within your veins,
slipping further away in despair.
Slowly losing hold of time. You've given in, accepting the oblivion.

I'm cast aside.
In this empty land.
The pulling tide.
Left an empty man.

Ive been wandering under your sun again
It reminds me of how lost i am
Moving mountains has left me paralyzed.
What more is left to see through this drifter's eyes?

Hollow and cold. Born of stone.
Firmly I stay, desolate and unknown.
It's drifting away. The life I know.
I've been petrified by letting go.
I'm letting go.
Track Name: Digger

Forever lost in your misery.
Your hopelessness taking the reins.
The poison and pain
Coursing your veins.

Following anyone who will lead.
A prisoner believing you're freed.
Its sickening
And you're the disease.

I couldn't be the savior you need.
I was crippled by the hate inside me.
Forgive me, for my empathy.
My last regret, as I found you buried.

Clawing the earth. Digging for truth.

I could never hold
You close enough
For you to be
Safe from yourself.
Track Name: Empty Well
Empty Well

I am the dust at the bottom of the well.
I am the holy man wishing it all to hell.
I am the hypocrite lying for truth.
I am the old man dying for youth.
I am the mute speaker of sooth.

Emptiness consumes me.
Nothingness is normalcy.
What more is there to give?
What more is there to live?

And as the sun has set,
abandon what was before.
Never repent.
Never return, once more.

Cave in.